EA Damn Genius MT4
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EA Damn Genius MT4

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Damn Genius is a high-frequency forex trading advisor that utilizes intelligent trend detection through access to an extensive database. Each trading signal is thoroughly tested on historical data using bar analysis on the lower timeframe to ensure high accuracy and reliability.

Damn Genius trading strategy is based on a combination of trend analysis and short-term market movements. The Expert Advisor identifies major trends using sophisticated algorithms and database, and then uses signals to enter and exit trades based on bar analysis on lower timeframes. This allows Damn Genius to adapt to current market conditions and minimize risk, giving traders confidence in their decisions and maximizing their profits.

The Damn Genius database includes a vast array of historical data covering various market conditions and time periods. This allows the EA to analyze past trends and patterns to more accurately predict future market movements.

Analyzing bars on the lower timeframe allows Damn Genius to study short-term market fluctuations in detail. The Expert Advisor analyzes each bar, taking into account such parameters as open, close, price high and low, as well as trading volume. This helps to identify precise entry and exit points, minimizing risks and increasing potential profits.

Risk management plays a key role in Damn Genius. The Expert Advisor uses advanced risk management techniques, including setting stop losses and take profit, as well as dynamic position size management depending on market volatility and current conditions. This helps to minimize potential losses and protect the trader's capital, ensuring stable growth and security of investment.

Trading Conditions: Damn Genius trades on the M1 timeframe using the bar-by-bar history analysis system. The Expert Advisor works with the main trading instruments, including spots. Several settings for different instruments will be available in the archive of the Expert Advisor, which allows traders to choose the optimal parameters for different market conditions.

EA Damn Genius MT4
49.00 USDT
10 Activations




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