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Hello, my friend. Have you already looked for a trading advisor for yourself? Let me help you with its payment!

First, you and I need to register at so that you can go to your personal cabinet, where you can pay for the trading advisor. In addition, in the personal cabinet, the file of the trading advisor, installation instructions and settings file will be available. 

You need to click on "Sign in" in the upper right corner.

If you already have a registration on our site, you need to authorize, if not, then click on the "Sign up" button

Next, enter all the necessary data for registration. Wait for the email and click on confirmation. After that you will get to your personal cabinet and authorize. 

Don't forget to specify your Telegram login in the personal cabinet. Also you will be able to change your password, nickname and profile photo. 

To purchase a trading advisor - go to the market

To purchase a trading advisor - you need to add it to your cart. You can add several Expert Advisors to the cart at once. 

To add a trading advisor to the cart - you need to click on its image in the market or add it to the purchase when viewing the description. 

Having added the product we need to the cart - proceed to payment. In the cart we will see all the selected items, payment method and communication with the support team. 

Next, we will move on to the payment method with cryptocurrency. You will have a choice of convenient currencies and networks for transfer. The payment form is available 24 hours. 

Having chosen the desired method, you need to make a transfer in a convenient way for you. Crypto exchange, personal wallet or exchanger.


Cryptocurrency transfer is also available from your bank card. We have told about it in detail in this article:

Payment usually takes from 2 to 30 minutes Depending on the method of transfer and the selected method. You can just wait a little bit and on the opalta page you will see a confirmation of receipt of payment. From there you will be able to go to your personal cabinet and see the changes in the "My Products" section


From there you will be able to go to your personal cabinet and see the changes in the "My Products" section


Congratulations. You have purchased a trading advisor. 

Now it will always be available in your personal cabinet. 

You can download the trading advisor file, instructions and actual settings. Also the settings are always available for FREE on our website in the corresponding department.

Important information!

For the first 2 weeks, trade on a demo account or a cent account (to choose the best trading conditions for yourself).
Install a trading advisor on a VPS.
Profit from a real account Recorded every Friday (end of the trading week).

Important information!

Forex/CFD trading carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for everyone.
You may lose some or all of your principal if market conditions change unfavorably.
you should only invest money that you can afford to lose, meaning that losing it will not affect your basic needs or obligations.

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