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AI Heisenberg is a trading robot based on a neural network and self-learning that can analyze the market and make optimal trading decisions. It uses an additional RSI indicator to filter out trades that could be signals for a price reversal.

AI Heisenberg has the following features and benefits:

  • Self-learning: Heisenberg AI continuously learns from past trade data and adapts its algorithm to changing market conditions. It can take into account various factors such as trend, volume, moving average, stochastic and others.
  • Take Profit: AI Heisenberg can close its positions at a loss or make money when it reaches a predetermined level of profitability. This allows you to receive stable profits during long-term price movements in one direction.
  • Stop Loss: AI Heisenberg can close its positions if it wins or makes money when it reaches a certain level of profitability. This allows you to limit risks during short price movements in one direction.
  • Martingale: AI Heisenberg can use Martingale to speed up deposits. This allows you to start trading with large capital and make big profits.
  • AI Heisenberg is suitable for any broker and account type, as it is optimized individually for each user. It works on the best timeframes from M5 to H4 and the best trading pairs from GBPUSD to XAUUSD.

I recommend: the timeframe depends on the settings (the timeframe is individual for each pair and setting).

I recommend: Trading pair - EURUSD/ GBPUSD/ USDCHF/ XAUUSD

Minimum deposit $1000 initial lot per currency pair 0.01 lot

• Broker with minimal slippage.

• ECN – accounts

• Minimum spread from 0.5 points.

• Leverage 1:500 or higher.

All settings have been optimized for the broker - RoboForex - Link

Choose the type of account ECN, using partner code 👉🏻 xtsk

You can also optimize your trading advisor for your account and your broker.

You will be able to independently adapt the advisor's trading to your trading conditions on your account

Having calculated for yourself the annual profit and drawdown

The Expert Advisor needs to be optimized only for the last Year (last 12 months)

This optimization method will help you adapt your trading advisor to future market movements.

New trading settings (optimization) must be carried out every six months 6 months after the launch of trading and initial optimization of the advisor

The best option for testing an advisor using the OHLC model on M1

OHLC on M1- - tests on the history of M1, and uses only the open, high, low, and closing price levels. When testing in the Only opening prices mode, the tester takes only the opening prices of bars

An example of testing and optimization is shown in the video (watch the entire video to the end to understand the essence of this advisor) -

Important information!

For the first 2 weeks, trade on a demo account or a cent account (to choose the best trading conditions for yourself).
Install a trading advisor on a VPS.
Profit from a real account Recorded every Friday (end of the trading week).

Important information!

Forex/CFD trading carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for everyone.
You may lose some or all of your principal if market conditions change unfavorably.
you should only invest money that you can afford to lose, meaning that losing it will not affect your basic needs or obligations.

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