New Genius Candles AI
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New Genius Candles AI

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New Genius Candles AI is a trading advisor for the Forex market based on candlestick patterns. The advisor uses candlestick patterns to analyze market dynamics and make decisions about entering and exiting trades. Artificial intelligence is built into the system for more accurate analysis and adaptation to changing market conditions. provides traders with a powerful automated trading tool based on candlestick patterns and supported by the use of artificial intelligence for more accurate analysis and decision making.

Candlestick patterns in Forex technical analysis have a number of advantages that make them a popular tool among traders. Here are some key benefits of candlestick patterns:
Visual Interpretation: Candlestick patterns provide a more visual representation of price movements in the market. This makes them easy to interpret and understand for traders. Understanding the Emotional Background of the Market: Candlestick patterns reflect the emotional background of the market, such as fear, greed, uncertainty, etc. This helps traders better understand what forces are controlling the market at the moment. Warning of Possible Reversals and Trend Continuations: Various candlestick patterns can warn of possible trend reversals or continuations. This helps traders make more informed decisions about entering and exiting trades. Signals for Trading Strategies: Many traders use candlestick patterns to generate signals for their trading strategies. For example, pin bars, hammers, etc. can be used as signals to enter or exit positions. Support and Resistance Levels: Candlestick patterns help identify support and resistance levels, which is an important element in identifying potential entry and exit points. Candlestick Charts Time: Compared to more traditional charts, candlestick charts provide more complete information about the price at a specific point in time. They include open, close, high and low for the period. Flexibility in Trading Strategies: Candlestick patterns can be successfully implemented in various trading strategies, including day trading, medium-term and long-term investing. Large Number of Patterns: There are many different candlestick patterns that gives traders many options to choose which patterns to use in their analysis.

Candlestick patterns are a valuable tool for technical analysis, and their use is often an integral part of Forex trading strategies. However, as with any aspect of the market, it is important to apply them in the context of other tools and analytical methods.

  • Hammer: A candle with a short body and a long lower shadow appearing at the bottom of a long-term trend. May indicate a possible upward reversal.
  • Inverted Hammer: A candle with a short body and a long upper shadow appearing at the bottom of a long-term trend. May predict an upward reversal.
  • Pin Bar: A candlestick with a long shadow and a short body that appears after a sharp price movement. May indicate a possible reversal.
  • Flatbody Hammer (Doji Hammer): A combination of a hammer and a Doji candle that indicates a possible upward reversal.
  • Evening Star: A three-candle pattern that includes an ascending candle, a star and a descending candle. Can anticipate a downward reversal.
  • Morning Star: A three-candle pattern that includes a downward candle, a star, and an upward candle. Can anticipate a reversal upward.
  • Three White Soldiers: A three-candle pattern characterized by three white candles in a row. Can anticipate a continuation of the uptrend.
  • Three Black Crows: A three-candlestick pattern characterized by three consecutive black candles. Can anticipate a continuation of the downtrend.
  • Three Methods: A pattern that includes a candle with a long shadow followed by several candles within the range of the first candle. May indicate a continuation of the current trend.
  • Doji Star: A Doji candle surrounded by two candles and indicating a possible reversal.

Requirements for a trading advisor:
Minimum deposit $1000
Working timeframe M15 - M30 - H1

Set up the advisor according to the instructions!!!

Important information!
For the first 2 weeks, trade on a demo account or cent account (to choose the best trading conditions for yourself)
Install a trading advisor on VPS
Profit from a real account Recorded every Friday (end of the trading week)
Forex/CFD trading carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for everyone.
You may lose some or all of your principal if market conditions change unfavorably.
you should only invest money that you can afford to lose, meaning that losing it will not affect your basic needs or obligations.


New Genius Candles AI
199.00 USDT
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