Thomas MT4
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Thomas MT4

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EA Thomas is a unique trading algorithm that stands out in the market for its comprehensive approach, including simultaneous work with five trading advisors.
Multiple Advisors: EA Thomas integrates five different trading advisors, each optimized for different market conditions. This allows the algorithm to be more flexible and adaptive to various trends and volatility.
Diversification of Strategies: Each of the five advisors uses unique trading strategies, such as trend, counter-trend, moving averages and others. Diversification of strategies helps reduce risks and increases the chances of successful transactions in different market scenarios. Optimization of Parameters: The algorithm includes a mechanism for optimizing parameters for each of the advisors. This may allow a more accurate selection of parameters depending on current market conditions. Risk Management: EA Thomas provides effective risk management through the use of stop losses, take profits and other tools. This helps protect capital and prevent large losses. Automation System: Thanks to the automated trading system, EA Thomas provides traders with the opportunity to free themselves from constant market monitoring. This is convenient for those who prefer automated strategies.

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Each trading strategy has its own advantages, and the choice depends on the trader's styles and preferences. Let's look at the benefits of each of these strategies:

  • Trading with the trend - Advantages:

Easier to Predict Market Direction: Trending markets tend to show a more clear direction of price movement.
More Opportunities for Profitable Trades: Trending markets can provide many opportunities for profitable trades in the direction of the trend.

  • Trading in overbought and oversold zones - Advantages:

Potential Pivot Points: These zones can indicate potential pivot points for the market.
Suitable for Flat Markets: Overbought and oversold zones can be effective in flat markets.

  • Trading against the trend - Advantages:

Opportunity to make money on corrections: Countertrend trading allows you to make money on price corrections.
Effective in flat markets: Countertrend strategies can be effective in sideways market conditions.

  • Trading by high and low levels - Advantages:

Identifying Key Levels: Helps identify support and resistance levels.
Precise Entry Points: High and low levels can serve as precise entry points for a trade.

  • Flat trading - Advantages:

Opportunity to make money in sideways movement: In flat markets, when there is no clear trend, range trading can be effective.
Using Support and Resistance Lines: Flat markets often follow support and resistance lines, which can be used to make decisions.



Timeframe M30 – H1

Minimum account balance $1000 (per pair)

Lot calculation 0.01 lot for every $1000 deposit

Minimum spread


Set up the advisor according to the instructions!!!

Important information!

For the first 2 weeks, trade on a demo account or cent account (to choose the best trading conditions for yourself)

Install a trading advisor on VPS

Profit from a real account Recorded every Friday (end of the trading week)

Forex/CFD trading carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for everyone.

You may lose some or all of your principal if market conditions change unfavorably.

you should only invest money that you can afford to lose, meaning that losing it will not affect your basic needs or obligations.


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Thomas MT4
79.00 USDT
10 Activations




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