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Warrior Quantum Laboratory Technology

Warrior Quantum Laboratory Technology
EA Quantum Lab

The Warrior Quantum Lab Technologies Coin Price (WQL) project is an exciting initiative of the trading community aimed at creating a decentralized exchange for the TON network with a unique trading terminal.

Primary goal: Create a decentralized exchange that will operate on the TON blockchain. To develop a unique trading terminal capable of generating innovative trading algorithms using machine learning.

Features of the project:

Decentralization: The platform will be completely decentralized, ensuring safe and secure trading for all participants. Trading terminal: The vast experience of our community of traders will allow us to create a Unique trading terminal in the TON network in which it will be possible to create our own trading algorithms and train them on history for trading. Our trading terminal will allow users to create and optimize their own trading strategies. Automated trading tools: Supports automatic algorithms for making trades.


Speed ​​and efficiency: Thanks to the TON network, transactions will be processed quickly and efficiently.

Innovative algorithms: The trading terminal will facilitate the development of unique trading strategies.

Contract address - EQAgk5a3EsahQm5B4N0t0f5pP8KOH9nSZtTVIImyDaBr6UyX

🔰Monitoring GeckoTerminal ➡️ Link 🔰Monitoring Dexscreener ➡️ Link

Instructions for purchasing coins "WQL"

How to start using it?

1. Launch Tonkeeper Pro – link 2. Go to the Exchange section. 3. Specify the addresses of the contract token you want to buy. 4. Select the tokens you want to exchange. 5. Make an exchange

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