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28 ways to pay in cryptocurrency

28 ways to pay in cryptocurrency
EA Quantum Lab

In this article, I will tell you how you can make cryptocurrency payments in 28 ways in any currency and without registration on the exchange.

The first step - BESTCHANGE.COM

On website you choose convenient way of payment: Payment cards, payment wallets, cash, etc.

Choose a currency you want to transfer. And also the coin you want to transfer.

In my example we want to buy/transfer USDT (TRC20) with a USD card 

To find out the address of the wallet for the transfer - write https://t.me/ea_quantum_lab_Support

Choose the rate of transfer that is beneficial to us, as well as pay attention to the conditions of the minimum transfer. 

Choose a convenient exchange rate for us - click on it. This will open a page for us to transfer (you do not need to register there)

When you open the translation page, you will see empty fields to fill in (I filled them in for the sake of example, to make it easier). 
Enter data of your card or other payment system for transfer, and in the USDT field specify the address of our wallet USDT (TRC20)


Start exchange!

After you need to wait a little bit for the transfer confirmation. literally 5 minutes (depends on the payment system). You will receive a notification. 
After the transfer - it is necessary to send a screenshot of confirmation

All additional questions, as well as confirmation of payment, send in Telegram: 


28 ways to pay in cryptocurrency
EA Quantum Lab

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